Thinking Differently: Kathleen Herowanto on Leadership and Innovation (Part One)

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Discover how one leader is driving change through innovation and insight. On this week’s episode of Coming About, Kathleen Herowanto shares her journey to become Senior Director and Executive Strategic Advisor at Novo Nordisk. With over 15 years of experience in global branding and communications, Kathleen has leveraged creativity and strategy to transform marketing for pharmaceutical, insurance, tech, and non-profit organizations. Tune in to learn how Kathleen developed award-winning campaigns that accelerated market share and audience engagement. She’ll reveal the analytical and creative approaches behind her success. You’ll also hear Kathleen’s insights on leadership, including how she aligns teams around a vision and empowers people to think differently. Join us for an inspiring conversation about how one remarkable human is advancing her field and driving progress through her work. Discover new perspectives on branding, innovation, and making an impact with this insightful leader.

About Kathleen Herowanto: Kathleen started her career in strategic media planning on the agency side, working across numerous verticals predominantly on global accounts. After 10+ years on the agency side, she joined Novo Nordisk in 2014 to establish the paid media function, which she led for the following 7+ years. In search of an opportunity for continued growth, Kathleen took on the role of Strategic Advisor to the NA CFO, SVP of Finance and Operations at Novo in September ’21, where she remains to this day.