How Ed Mitzen Pivoted His Career and Created a Business for Good (Part One)

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In this episode of Coming About, David welcomes his old friend, Ed Mitzen, a man who has achieved remarkable success in both business and philanthropy. Ed is the founder and CEO of Fingerpaint Group, a leading advertising agency that specializes in marketing in the pharmaceutical, health and wellness sector. He is also the co-founder of Business for Good, a nonprofit organization that supports social causes and empowers communities. Ed shares his journey from being a pharmaceutical representative to becoming an entrepreneur and an author. He reveals how he pivoted his career, what inspired him to start his own agency, and how he balances his work and life. He also talks about his passion for giving back, his philosophy of intentional philanthropy, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is a conversation that will inspire you to pursue your dreams, make a difference, and live a fulfilling life. Don’t miss this episode of Coming About with David and Ed Mitzen!