From Sales Rep to Marketing Leader: Dan DiVito’s Career Journey (Part One)

Episode Information

Coming About is the podcast where David Paragamian explores the stories and insights of leaders who have navigated the twists and turns of their careers. This week, he is thrilled to have Dan DiVito as his guest. Dan is a seasoned marketing leader in pharma, who has worked with both established and emerging companies. Dan has a track record of launching successful brands across various therapeutic areas and markets, with a knack for simplifying complex concepts and inspiring action. In this episode, David and Dan talk about how Dan got into pharma marketing, what challenges and opportunities he faced along the way, and what advice he has for aspiring marketers who want to make an impact in this dynamic industry. Whether listeners are marketers themselves, or just curious about how pharma brands are created and communicated, they won’t want to miss this conversation with Dan DiVito. Tune in to Coming About and get ready to be inspired!