(Upside) 015: Author & Financial Advisor Brian Fricke on How to Use Your Business to Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle

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Brian Fricke travels the world surfing with his sons, proving that anyone can experience an Incredible Retirement®, even if you’re still working! At the age of 16, Brian became “man of the house” when his father died unexpectedly. He joined the family real estate business at 18. His path to becoming a Fee-Only® financial advisor–the kind Clark Howard and Tony Robbins recommend–became clear when others sought him out for financial advice after they discovered he had purchased 15 rental properties by the age of 23. Brian has served on the Board of Trustees for the City of Winter Springs pension fund and currently is on the board of trustees for a $750 million foundation. He’s been quoted in the media including The Wall St Journal, Smart Money magazine, CNBC.com, and FoxBusiness.com. He’s the author of the popular book, Worry Free Retirement – Do what you want, when you want, where you want.