Trailblazing Transformation: A Conversation with Risa Wexler on Navigating the Digital Landscape (Part Two)

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In part two of their discussion, Risa takes a moment to express gratitude for the incredible path she has traversed across media, marketing, and pharmaceutical industries. From leveraging emerging technologies to guiding top brands, she has much to be thankful for. The discussion also turns to Risa’s most recent pivotal move – the brave decision to step away from a major company and launch her own company. David asks about the inspiration behind this courageous career shift and the idea of starting an independent venture. Risa explains how a meaningful Bruce Springsteen lyric led her to the name of her new company. She expands on how, after years of trailblazing digital transformation for major corporations, she felt drawn toward forging her direction and channeling her expertise into a more entrepreneurial pursuit. Tune in to hear Risa elaborate on weighing the decision to leave behind a stable leadership position to embrace the uncertainty and rewards of start-up life. She’ll detail the key factors and motivations that guided her to take this latest leap of faith in what has been a truly remarkable career journey spanning the frontiers of marketing and pharmaceutical technology innovations.