Episode 05 | Part One: The Sourcing Genius: Unveiling the Secrets to Product Sourcing and Merchandising with Isaac Hetzroni

Episode Information

In the latest episode of “Graduate a CEO with Jim Hunter,” prepare to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Isaac Hetzroni, Founder & CEO of Imprint Genius. As one of the fastest growing companies in its industry, Imprint Genius has revolutionized product sourcing and merchandising under Isaac’s exceptional leadership. With a passion for exploration, Isaac has traversed the globe, sourcing thousands of products and gathering a treasure trove of knowledge, which he now generously shares through thesourcingguy.com—a platform that provides free product sourcing education and resources. As Isaac joins Jim on the podcast, they delve into the incredible story behind Isaac’s rise to success. They explore his early years and the invaluable lessons he learned while growing up and working in his family’s factories. Isaac’s upbringing laid the foundation for his unyielding dedication to excellence and innovation. Get ready to be captivated by Isaac’s wisdom, experience, and passion for helping others succeed in the dynamic world of product sourcing.

About Isaac Hetzroni: Isaac is a product sourcing and merchandising expert. He has led his company Imprint Genius to become the #1 fastest growing company in its industry, helping both startups and Fortune 500 brands. Isaac has traveled around the world sourcing over 1000 products in his career. To learn more about Isaac and his work, visit thesourcingguy.com, where you’ll find a wealth of free product sourcing education and resources.