Episode 03 | Part Two: Empowering Student CEOs: Benny Pekala's Insights on Navigating the Startup Ecosystem

Episode Information

Jim continues his conversation with Benny Pekala, Co-Founder of Cryptan Labs and Founder of Birdwell Solutions, as he shares his insights on why students should consider graduating as CEOs.  In this episode, we delve into the screening process employed by Cryptan Labs to determine the right fit for their advisory services. Benny sheds light on the criteria and considerations involved in identifying promising startups and how they align with Cryptan Labs’ mission and expertise. He shares valuable insights on the importance of a strong fit between the advisory team and the startups they work with for successful outcomes. Join us as we explore Benny’s perspective on empowering students to consider graduating as CEOs, and how his own journey in entrepreneurship has shaped his approach to helping early-stage companies. Get inspired to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and gain practical insights on navigating the startup ecosystem in this thought-provoking episode of Graduate a CEO with Jim Hunter!

About Benny Pekala:  Co-Founder & Head of Development at Cryptan Labs and Founder of Birdwell Solutions, Benny is a software builder focused on creating groundbreaking web3 apps. With a background building 15+ apps serving 10,000+ users with his web3 software development company Birdwell Solutions he is now Head of Development at Cryptan Labs where he advises early-stage companies on how to structure and execute their technical roadmap in addition to leading development teams.