AM9: Jeanet Wade, Expert Entrepreneur Operating System Implementer

Episode Information

In today’s episode of the Authority Marketing podcast, Rusty Shelton talks to Certified EOS Implementer and author of The Human Team Jeanet Wade. They talk about the best way to leverage the “people element” in the workplace to create better productivity and company culture, especially post-pandemic. Jeanet gives tips for leaders on how to meet human needs to self-actualize their organizations and how to test to see if you have a team health dynamic issue. Jeanet talks about the importance of character and trust in her Authority Marketing journey.

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About Jeanet Wade:
Jeanet Wade’s focus is always on building healthy teams and healthy bottom lines. As the first Certified EOS Implementer™ in the St. Louis region, facilitating, teaching, and coaching the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to leadership teams at privately-held companies, she developed a reputation for helping clients get Traction® on their Vision by leveraging her experience in marketing, innovation, and management. Because of her passion for people and insights into the basic human needs that must be met in order to fully actualize the potential of a team, she quickly became known as the go-to resource for how to have effective, healthy teams that allow the business to harness their people energy and maximize their “Return on Individual.” Jeanet was also named one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to know to succeed in business by St. Louis Small Business Monthly. She is the author of The Human Team: So, You Created a Team But People Showed Up.