AM30: Hannah Nokes, Co-Founder & Chief Optimist of Magnify

Episode Information

In today’s episode, Rusty Shelton talks with Co-Founder of Magnify Hannah Nokes about how she helps companies be socially conscious while also improving growth and profitability while being transparent and authentic. Hannah talks with Rusty about how to create a more fulfilled, happier team, even during The Great Resignation, and how to implement skills-based volunteering.

About Hanna Nokes:
Hannah Nokes helps business leaders turn “love into action,” designing social impact strategies to drive profitability. Hannah has led corporate social responsibility for global corporations and founded an impact collaborative of companies in Austin, Texas. Magnify, the company she founded with her business partner Maggie Miller, helps companies create social impact to supercharge profitability. Hannah guides business leaders to activate social impact to create real, life-changing benefits for the company and society. Visit to learn more about our work and new book Magnify Your Impact: Powering Profit with Purpose.