AM29: Jarl Jenson, Author of The Big Solution

Episode Information

This week, Rusty Shelton has Jarl Jenson on the podcast to talk about his new book, The Big Solution, and his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can create a stable, predictable economy and solve environmental issues to better the future.

About Jarl Jenson:
Jarl is an inventor, author, and successful entrepreneur. After the exit of his last company, Jarl set his sights on making the world better for his kids. As most people know, there are many doomsday scenarios playing out for humanity as we speak. Some people are even saying that the most shocking thing about the apocalypse is that you can still get Starbucks. Whether you are rich or poor, a hard worker or lazy, Jensen has news for you; things could be so much better for us, now, and especially in the future. It’s time for America and its constitution to put people first again, it’s time to make the world a better place for our kids.